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  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Scott,

    You won't be able to change it in the UI, but with custom reports, you can pull any information you want such as the short name for the description.  Modifying an existing report to use the short name would be a simple custom report job.   I've done a lot of custom reports for clients including elaborate sales stacks with graphics and such.  Let me know if I can be of assistance.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (endorsed by Flex)

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  • Scott Melnyk

    Thanks for the feedback, Aaron. We're looking to switch from paper pull sheets (where a custom report would've been beneficial) to all computer based (barcode / scanning), so it looks like we'll have to sort something else out! 

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  • Aaron Horn

    As you're seeing, using the Item Name as a more generic nomenclature can cause complications as the system is geared to use it as more of a formal name or manufacturer's name.  This includes a LOT of reports that are native in your system.  So, let's look at tackling this the other way around.  You could use a different field for your client facing nomenclature, and customize your client facing reports to pull from the new field since your clients only see reports and are not looking at the UI.  Shorthand field would be a good candidate if you're not using it (like most clients).  This would allow the other fields to work as they're intended in the design of the system, both in the UI as well as many reports.

    With this strategy, I'd recommend populating the fields like this:

    • Item Name: "Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone" (formal name that appears on documents and scan screens in the UI as well as your traditional reports)
    • Item Short Name: "SM58" (shorter name for your inventory tree and I often use this field for internal documents where the formal name is not needed)
    • Short Hand: "Wired Vocal Microphone" (generic name for client facing reports such as a sales stack or invoice)

    If the client facing documents are based on existing reports, it would be pretty easy to modify them to pull the new field with the generic name.

    As a separate idea, I have another client that uses virtual models for their generic name items, and then has suggestions to choose the real models they're going to take on the job (which are line muted).  Allows them a lot of flexibility with choosing exact models at a later time or switching models without affecting the client facing documents.  This works well for them, but may not be for everyone. It's another possible strategy, but I won't go into detail here unless you're interested in the strategy.

    Let me know your thoughts or reach out directly.  Contact info is above.  Thanks Scott.

    - Aaron

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