Line mute contents on pull sheet and equipment list



  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Bill,

    At this time, there's not a way to line mute Pull Sheet items in the user interface.

    Some possible options come to mind that may or may not help.

    1. A custom report could ignore child items and only show parent items.
    2. Warehouse Mute it on the Quote so that it doesn't hand off to the Pull Sheet.
    3. Remove it from all documents.  Obviously, this is a loaded suggestion.  It assumes you don't need it on the documents.  Basically I'm curious what the reason for muting is.  If you need accountability somewhere, you could possibly depend on Storage Requirements instead of listing these peripheral items.  This could help alleviate it from the documents.

    Feel free to chime back with more information or reach out directly.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (endorsed by Flex)

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  • Bill Bowers

    Thanks Aaron. The reason we list everything is to insure that our tech room staff checks and completes every item on the list. Not all items however go through our tech room. The reason I'd like certain items muted is when we hand a pull sheet to our shop staff, they see things like 24xSafety cables. So, they assume they need to grab 24 additional safety cables. Or 18 x Powercon. So, 18 additional cables go into the pack. Not all of our shop staff is, shall we say, skilled, in what we do. If it's not possible, then I will look at some of the other avenues you've suggested. Thanks much for your input, and your time sir.

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