Merging Duplicates


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  • Randy - Flex Staff


    Good question! To start, I want to say to hold off on this until you see a Release Note about a fix for Merge Contacts (should be 0.27.88). Previously, we were allowing companies to be merged with individuals, but that was resulting in some unexpected behavior/results. 

    So, to start, rename the non-company contact to something slightly different, HOTEL ABC-ind, for example, then change it to be a company type contact. After that, merge as usual. And to clarify, the entire goal of merge is to accomplish the state you desire; it brings all related history from one into the other.

    Merge contacts "copies" addresses, phone numbers, internet addresses (emails), resource types, contact types, contact roles, as well as replaces associations on elements, line items, notes, etc. Essentially, any place that the "bad" contact was used, its reference is replaced with the contact you want to keep. 

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