Inherit Numbering?



  • Benjamin 'Bigs' Coppel

    Hi David-

    No I don't believe this is possible. Your child/grandchild elements can either have a unique number or they can inherit the exact document number from the root element. There is no function to add a suffix to an inherited document number.

    My preference is to have unique numbers for each element, but to always reference 'Job Number' as the document number of the root element. So in your example above, every report and working view for all the child elements would show 'Job Number: 19-0001' - this information is readily available in most reports, configurable views, and search screens. I think element.rootElementNumber is the token to use for search screens. This method also has the benefit of making it quick and easy to jump directly to an element using the barcode box. As opposed to if they are all inheriting the job number than it's not quick an easy to jump to the manifest, for example.

    Hope that helps!


    Endorsed Independent Consultant

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  • Aaron Horn

    Hey David,

    Yeah, it's possible to have child elements inherit the numbering from the parent, but I don't think there's a mechanism for adding the suffixes like you demonstrated.  It would just be an identical number.  So Qt, PS, Mn, INV could potentially all share the same number.  I have some clients who do it that way.

    You could manually edit the number after it is inherited, not that that's ideal.  Does that answer your question?

    Aaron Horn
    Inventory Control Consultant

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  • Andrew

    This is the closest issue I have found to my question. Our system is set up to inherit numbering by year. So quote 20-0001 when invoiced is also 20-0001. But if we create an invoice without a quote it starts the numbering over (20-0000). Is there a way to inherit the numbering so that any element picks up the current progress (20-0002)?

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