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    Branden Rosenlof

    Hey, sorry for the late reply to the original post! We're adding new features and functionality to our Flex5 product every week, but we're not quite to the point of releasing a public beta. We're dialing in and fine-tuning financial calculations for financial elements (like quotes, invoices, etc.). We want to make sure everything is calculating as expected before having customers use it in real life. 

    As we work on that, we're also programming other things like Inventory view screens along with all the associated tabs, scanning screens, equipment list viewing / editing, and more.

    We're hoping to do our first public release in the next month or so (as an Alpha release to a select few customers), then a beta release in the next month or two after that. By the end of the year, we're hoping that a majority of customers will be using Flex5 for things they do every day like building and editing jobs, scanning, and contact / inventory management. Then other things like system settings screens, workflow settings, project element settings, etc. will be worked on in the next year so we can be 100% off Flash UI by the expected Flash end-of-life.

    Hope that helps! We're going to be posting more about it on our website / blog over the next month or so. Keep an eye on https://www.flexrentalsolutions.com/flex5/ for updates.

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  • Nick Ellins-Stagg

    Wondering about this to..

    Running out of time before Flash dies....

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  • Marc Chauvin

    What is the current status of Flex5 desktop launch?

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  • Branden Rosenlof

    Hey Marc. We're looking pretty good as we close out the year. The next Flex5 release (which we hope to push out next week) will include some cool new stuff including Day Book / calendar list viewing, more improvements to inventory viewing / creating, basic services viewing, more features added to financial documents, and more.

    There are a few things we're still actively developing that won't be available until early next year, like Content Builder, prep/return scanning, viewing equipment lists, and more. But our developers are working on those things as we speak.

    We currently have about 100 active testers using Flex5 and will activate another 50 or so before the end of the year. Which is a little bit short of our goal, but we're still happy with the amount of customers we've been able to get on Flex5. That number will increase rapidly in the next few months as we stabilize some things in Flex5 and continue to add more features. 

    So overall we're in a good place. We were hoping to have more customers and a few more features completed by the end of this year, but as always things came up that we needed to address (like needing to redo quickbooks integration based on new quickbooks requirements, personnel shifting, and other unexpected issues). But all things considered, we aren't that far off from our goal. Like I said, in the first couple months of next year we will see some rapid escalation of Flex5 efforts, both in terms of customers who are using Flex5 and the amount of features available in Flex5.

    Hope this helps! 

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