Preventing child elements from collapsing on calendar.


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  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Smooch,

    As you're noticing, the Finalization triggers a status change or a workflow action for 99% of customers.  It's likely changing your Manifest to a status of "Returned".  This can be adjusted or turned off globally, but it's unlikely that that would be desirable.   If you're wanting it to have a status of "Missing Items" without messing with your Finalization trigger settings, then you would need to build another workflow action to get it back to "Missing Items" after the Finalization.  Then you could have another workflow action that sets it to "Returned" once you want to close it out (or you can re-Finalize the Return Screen).

    Regarding calendar settings, when viewing a calendar, the right pane provides a list of elements along with their available statuses.  Make sure the desired statuses are selected under the element as well as under the Global Statuses list.  Likely, "Returned" is not showing for manifests if it's disappearing after a Finalization trigger.  Again, I'm making assumptions based on how many instances are setup.  Flex is very customizable though!

    I imagine you'll have some follow-up questions or comments.  Reply and let us know how you get on.  Also, let me know if I can be of service directly.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (Flex endorsed)

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