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  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Jimmy,

    In a nutshell, if you scan out, you'll need to scan in.  The scanning process is what drives the location of serial units and the adjustment of non-serialized On-Hand quantities.  There is, however, an option to bulk scan items within a scanning screen if you have the appropriate permissions.  When in the Return Screen of the manifest, it can be found in the right pane at the very bottom.  After selecting the items you want to scan in, click "Scan Selected Items In".  This will manually scan the selected items in without using a scan gun.

    As a consultant, I feel I should express that I would not recommend this practice if the goal is to have an accurate inventory control process.  Scanning twice is the nature of processing the equipment out and back in in a thorough manner.  There are varying degrees of resources that companies are willing to put into inventory control.  There are suggestions I could make to give you as much success as possible.within the resources that your company is willing to apply to inventory control.  I always hope that we can implement a thorough scanning process for a client, but occasionally this is not a reality.  I have even had clients that don't scan at all and rely on the availability engine only, but they clearly understand the implications and the best practices for doing it that way.  I'm a Flex endorsed consultant.  Let me know if I can be of assistance.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (Flex endorsed)

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