Calling Parent Data and Top Level Data


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  • Benjamin 'Bigs' Coppel

    Hi David-

    Pull Sheet Number and Payment Terms are available within the XML data producer. You just need to add these two fields to the query in your report:

    • parentElementNumber
    • terms

    Do you know you can easily see all the available fields and their content for a given project element? After filling in the bracketed info, open the following URL in your browser and you will see all the data which is available to the report. I use XMLTree or XML Viewer chrome extensions to make it readable or you may need to download the file to read it easily.


    Getting the quote status to show in the manifest is a different story, as it's not available in the data producer. I think the only way to get it to work would be to embed an SQL subdataset in the report and display the quote status in a list element. This is a very finicky process that is beyond the scope of a forum response but something that I can do for you relatively easily. Shoot me an email if you'd like to know more.


    Endorsed Flex Consultant / Custom Report Developer


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