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  • Benjamin 'Bigs' Coppel

    Hi John-

    There is a function in Flex which mostly automates resolving quote shortages via transfer. If you open a quote, do you see 'Update Transfer Paperwork' in the right-hand menu in the Logistics section? If not, email Flex support and ask them to enable your transfer automation for quotes.

    • In your quote with shortages, switch to the logistics view
    • Select all the items which are short that you'd like to resolve with a transfer
    • Bulk Edit > Enter the Xfr Quantity and Xfr Location > Click Save
    • Click 'Update Transfer Paperwork' in the right-hand menu
    • Now a Transfer Order has been created as a child of the quote with all of those items added to it

    You can also do this line by line:

    • Double click on the colored conflict indicator box for a line item (or cog wheel > Conflicts and Availability)
    • In the first tab in the Transfer section, you'll see the quantities available at your other location(s)
    • Double click on one of those lines to automatically create a child Transfer Order with that item on it
    • After a child TO already exists with source warehouse and dates that will fulfill the quote requirements, you'll see an option to 'Add to existing Transfer Order' - double click on that to do so

    A note on how items are added to TOs with this automation: it only does single line items. So if you have Flex setup with lots of child accessories, things can get a bit messy. For example if when you add a moving light to a quote and comes with clamps, a safety, and a Powercon, those items will not automatically be added to the TO when the mover is added. If you use the bulk edit option presented above, you would have to select those lines too if you want them shown on the TO but they will not be child items of the moving light. There are a few ways around this. You could manually re-arrange the TO but that stinks. If your child items are suggestions (not contents) you can open the TO and click cog wheel > suggestions for each item and re-add the accessories as suggestions. Or rather than using the automation you can drag the parent items into the TO individually and they will come with their required contents.

    Also don't forget to double-check your TO dates if they have been automatically created - you may need to change them a bit to make them more realistic for your business and how you handle transfers.

    If you run a lot of transfers and are interested in seeing some custom-built tools to help you manage them, see my Transfer Optimization report on p9 of my Solutions Portfolio at http://www.squarewave.com.au/pdf/flexsolutionsportfolio.pdf  I've also built a Transfer Frequency report which can help you see all of the items you have transferred historically and help provide insights on what would be worth buying more of or moving permanently.


    Endorsed Flex Consultant / Custom Report Developer

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