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  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Robert,

    There's not a way to change them for individual item ROI's.  It's simply comparing it to everything.  If you switch it to the Details button and them maximize that window, you'll see a list of all the items that produced revenue during the time frame.  The only other option you can do is to run the ROI against an inventory group (folder) in the inventory tree, and then you would see comparisons by top level inventory groups.

    There's also an Inventory Revenue Report in your system that can be run against Quotes or Invoices which would allow you some more flexibility in analysis if exporting it as a CSV file, especially if you're good with tables and pivot tables.

    Lastly, ROI reporting is one of my specialties.  The current suite of tools we've designed allow for a tremendous amount of flexibility and very effective analysis of your Flex data.  Here's a video that demonstrates one of the designs we've built.  Let me know if you have interest.

    Thanks Robert!

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (Flex endorsed)

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