Adding bin information to individual serialized units



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    Jim - Flex Staff


    The bin location tab is available at the Model level of an inventory item, but unfortunately, Flex does offer the ability to assign individual serialized units to a different Bin Location than the models have been assigned to. It is assumed that all of the serialized units for a model will be stored together.



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  • Benjamin 'Bigs' Coppel


    It's a fair bit of extra scanning but you could set up your bins as storage containers and scan your items in and out of them. Then you could always pull up an item and see which container it was in. Just a thought.

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  • Aaron Horn

    I know it's been a bit since this was posted, but my immediate thought was that you could create custom fields at the unit level to match the Bin Location fields that are available on the parent model level.  That would make it available in the user interface as well as available for a custom report that could pull those fields.  Let me know if I can be of assistance.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (endorsed by Flex)

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