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  • Aaron Horn

    Scott, I would not have expected the result you're seeing since the Item Name lives with the parent model.  You may have to request Flex to do some sort of reindexing on the backend.  Either way, I think this is a support email.

    I use [element.shortName] for most of my barcode templates, but from another post, I believe you all use your naming fields a little differently.  But you could at least test with Short Name to see if you get the same undesirable result after making a change.

    Here's what you should expect when using the 2 typical mashup barcode fields:

    elements used = [Size] [Item Name] ([Stencil])
    example = 60" HD LED Display (TV61)
    elements used = [Item Name] - [Size] ([Stencil])
    example = HD LED Display - 60" (TV61)

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (endorsed by Flex)

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  • Scott Melnyk

    Thanks for the response, Aaron Horn - We got our naming fields all dialed in a way that satisfies our client facing / internal desires, which is great! 

    Good to know that this is a one-off for our flex system & not a deep seeded "oops". We've worked around the issue, but should it arise again, we'll contact support. Thanks for always being so quick to respond!

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