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  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Scott,

    No direct integration at this time from Flex.  They'll likely implement it in the future at some point.

    Other options my clients use.  I do a lot of custom sales stack reports for clients with their own graphically designed look and feel.  I've had customers that will take their sales stack or quote PDF that comes out of Flex and upload it into another service for purposes such as document signatures and I would assume payment processing as well.

    Yes, QuickBooks offers payment processing.  You can send invoices directly from QB, and it will allow clients to pay online easily.  They have CC and ACH payment options.  Some of my clients will send their custom sales stack directly to the client, but then send the invoice through QB when it's time to receive payments.  I'm pretty certain they also offer payment processing on your mobile devices as well if you happen to be standing with the customer, including optional swipe devices.

    Hopefully, that will offer some ideas.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (endorsed by Flex)

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