Adding Custom Row In Project Element


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  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Luke,

    I don't believe there's a way to limit the contact selection list for a Custom Field for a Project Element.  The only real mechanism for that in Flex is within an Element's settings under the Contact Association tab.  (There are a few "custom" contact fields at the bottom.)  BUT, I've never gotten it to actually work.  The limiting parameter is based on Resource Types, which by default for contacts is Client, Employee, Freelance Labor, etc.  But again, I seem to always be able to choose contacts that are not a part of those resource types.  Perhaps it's because I'm an administrator in all the systems I work within.  Maybe it's worth testing with different security permissions.  Otherwise, it's probably something that will be addressed with Flex5 development. 

    Chime back if you have further details or discover something.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (endorsed by Flex)

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