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  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Séan Brown,

    Here's a few options I've seen from clients:

    1. Purchase an additional "warehouse" from Flex for your studio.  You'd likely want to use the Transfer element functionality to scan between warehouses which is turned on for multi-location Flex instances.  This is probably the cleanest strategy since you'd be using Flex's intended mechanism for this.  Less negative implications or unintended challenges.

    2.  Create a dedicated manifest.  I know you've already thought of it, but it's hardly more work than using Free Scan Out.  Just create a Pull Sheet for the purpose, but you don't need to add any items to it.  Then, through the Prep Screen, scan things out as needed.  Gives better accountability and more information than a Free Scan Out.  Major drawback is that you can not scan a serialized unit onto the manifest more than once.  So you may end up having to juggle more than one manifest either broken up by time period, or purpose, or etc.

    3. Use a Storage Container.  Basically, make a fake inventory item that can be a serialized storage container, and name it "Film Studio" for example.  Then simply scan the equipment into the container.  If you don't want the items to show as available availability engine calculations, then make sure the container is set to be Contents Available - No.  A client of mine that uses this method actually did multiple containers to specify what part of the studio it was in, like "Studio FOH Truss".  Possible drawback is that the serialized units will still have their location show as your original warehouse, but they will additionally list the container (Film Studio) they're in.

    Those are some general ideas without knowing more details.  Let me know if I can be of service.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (endorsed by Flex)


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