Scanning item with permanent contents checks off same items but on different inventory items



  • Aaron Horn

    Hey Kyle, this is a common issue.  Scanned out manifest items being linked to the intended pull sheet items can be tricky and sometimes impossible.  You can perhaps improve the chances of intended linking by adjusting the administrative setting below, but you're still going to have issues likely.  You can try to adjust the match mode and see if it yields a bit more accuracy for how you setup your Pull Sheets.

    Projects > Project Elements > Pull Sheet > Shipping & Receiving tab > "Auto Scan Match Mode" drop-down

    Alternatively, the solution I usually offer my clients is a custom report that consolidates and compares the Pull Sheet and Manifest.  It's a bit of a different approach, but most important for many clients is to make sure they got the appropriate quantities of everything.  Using this report, you wouldn't care as much about how the Prep Screen was applying check marks.  You can run the report at any point in the scan process and see how things are being fulfilled.  It's consolidated and sorted by how your inventory tree is sorted.  Below is an example image.  It can be customized to your needs.

    Additionally, you could also consider changing your Pull Sheet strategy and not build it to represent how your cases are built.  Things like your power conditioners could be eliminated since your permanent contents and hopefully your storage requirements are providing the accountability to ensure they go for the job.  This is a bigger SOP change and requires thinking through some details, but it makes for a cleaner and more efficient Pull Sheet.

    Obviously there are drawbacks to any strategy.  I enjoy helping clients navigate these waters and find what works best for them.  Let me know if I can be of service or if you're interested in a custom report.

    Aaron Horn
    Consultant (Flex endorsed)

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  • Kyle Walker

    Thank you Aaron. I will check my auto scan match mode settings and report back.

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